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And so a whole year goes by since my last blog!

amazing how fast goes by, I re-read my last
blog and still accurate.

What has changed, I now have the full set
of 2.8 zooms, great set of lens,

the 14-24 2.8,, wonderful, super sharp, great
at night, love the filter holder, The other two
do the job, not game changers but hold up
to the quality requirements, both are heavy.

They finally have the pancakes!

I now have both Macros, both are fine
lens, the 105 does not magically focus
much faster then the F mount, but a step

gosh takes a long time to get the 28

ok,, LOVE the Fc,, great gem, but had
to buy a half case with built in grip,
otherwise too slippery.

Now my kit is complete. I would love
the 100-400 but pricy, will have to wait
as I have the Sigma 100-400 on my
Leica SL, and it is great, fast focus, and
frankly my Leica does well with sports

Nikon Finally got it right with the Z9,
I feel they have been teasing us a bit
and knew their AF was weak, and I
really love the new shutterless design
along with the sensor protector,

dam, wish my Z7 or Z6 were built that

I am not a fan of the oversize bodies of
D whatever, so while I think the Z9 is
finally the Nikon that holds up to the
competitors, I wait.

I love my 850, wish it was an 880 with
LV as good as mirrorless, but keeps the
snappy AF. but with more coverage.

anyhow, like I said it has been a year, and
frankly, nobody ever comments on these,
so not that motivated to keep these going

Keep shooting,
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