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A full year has now passed on owning the Z7, and what a year it has been! I have added the Z6 into the family too, along with a whole slew of lens. For native lens, I have the 14-30, 24-70 and the 35 1.8, but in addition, I picked up a new 60 mm macro G,
85 1.8G and 105 G macro, these I bought as my older versions D lens did not Auto Focus without the screw drive.

What I was not expecting was the addition of a whole set of specialty manual lens. This EVF focus peaking is soo fine, that
I love manual focus again. I have was never been that happy with the DSLR focus screen and just having the focus confirmation green dot, I love the bright red focus peaking and the ability to see not the focus area, but how deep is the DOF.

Part of the drive was also to find some smaller lens in the Z, because frankly, the Z set of lens are all hunkers. I am really
starting to think that Nikon can't design a small lens anymore which is a shame, as Nikon produced some fine gems in the

Speaking of Gems, I got the techart Sony to Z converter, and re-purchased (used) a fine Zeiss/Sony 35 2.8 Planar lens, and wow, soooo compact. It brings the joy of hand carry AF lens to the Z. I always loved this lens on the A7, and the fact that I can use it again on Z with AF ,,, wonderful,, Come ON NIKON! or Sigma, or whoever, Let's see some compact AF Z lens.

Yes, the 35 1.8 S lens is very fine,

The 14-30 S is awesome, so flexible for landscapes.

I hardly ever use the kit zoom as rather use primes

the 70-210 Nikon F4 is fantastic, fast focus ,, and I find it light enough on the Z. No rush to get a S version.

The one lens missing from my kit is a AF 20 again, as I only have the older D version, I might get the G version, as I suspect the S version will be around 1100 dollars. S lens are not cheap.

The Z7 and Z6 are interchangeable, love that all the controls are exactly the same. Z7 is my landscape / travel camera. Z6 is my night and backup camera.

overall, a year later, I am extremely pleased,, but a whole lot poorer, Nikon took a long time to release serious mirrorless cameras, but when they did, they did well.

is it perfect, naw, nothing is perfect. People will go on and on and on and on,, about lack of two slots, not an issue
for me, but I don't shoot weddings that often. and AF eye,.. oh my,, will that cause words to fly, but again, not my
style of shooting, I prefer spot focus,, and move the focus spot via the control tracker, love that new feature.

I also love programming the AF-lock button to maximum zoom, super easy to hit to zoom 200% in, and then hit again to return to full frame, very convenient.

anyhow. great camera, great year, really increased my pleasure in shooting. Here is a nice photo I took out
in New Mexico with the Z7.

Just to say Hi-dsc_8996-horses-2-smaller.jpg
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