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Yup, picked up the the Z7 on Friday. first impression, exactly as expected. First, it is a hefty camera, feels almost
heavier then my DF but more compact. I got the 35 mm Z lens, and the lens is huge for a 1.8. and fairly
heavy. What strikes me about the lens, that if I did not know, would have thought it as a Fuji lens, even
the lens cap is not standard Nikon with white lettering, but just same color as the cap.

overall, totally happy. with the adapter, the old Nikkor manual lens work great. One function lost
is a dedicated Bkt button, kinda strange. It will take a bit to get use to all the features. Best features of the D700-z-compared.jpg

Here is the camera right next to the old F3, some similarities to the F3, perhaps that is why I find the Z7 so nicely fiting my hand.
Its almost the return classic film SLR size
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