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Nikon is perhaps showing some strength at its 100 year mark. The reputation and future so much hinges on the new 850, and so far, it seems
to be a Bravo product. First of all, it is wowing the photo elite, and You Tube makers, as they fawn and almost faint with this camera.

So far it has so much going for it with the high pixel. low nose, touch screen, etc etc, with features that surely will make itself into the mirrorless
like the focus peaking, and touch screen shooting, Silent shooting, so on. With the 850, Nikon has set themselves up very well for the Mirrorless.

for me, my DF is still fresh and holding up strong, so,, while tempted, I am definitely going to hold out for the Mirrorless. Frankly, now when I
pick up my 800, it seems like a beast. The DF while still too large, is still more manageable.

Speaking of Beast, perhaps the D850 is the camera that ends the D5 line, I suppose some will continue to like the monster camera, but, what really
is the advantage left for a camera that cost almost 2X?

I suppose a brighter view finder is nice, but ok, once in a great while, I found/find the pop up flash handy, Will Nikon release a smaller convenient flash,
vs my hold monsters from Nikon,, what a pain, never been a fan of flashes, even though for some shots, priceless.

mmm Thailand, I suppose so, still kinda a shame, the high end cameras were all made in Japan, but to keep the cost within that magical 3200 range,
it had to be.

overall, I think the 850 is exactly what he Dr ordered to kick some Canon but, and keep the Nikon line going,

ok Nikon,, I am saving money for the DF mirrorless replacement, bring it on! oh,, and make it smaller then the current DF. you definitely don't have
to shrink as small as my Sony A7 or Fuji mirrorless, but something nimble would be appreciate.

I started to think, sell my 800, sell this lens, sell that, maybe put up 1500 cash,, mmm 850? laughs, such an addiction.
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