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70-200 F4 N showed up,, sweet lens, I like that all internal zoom/focus, so a bit long, but no telescoping tubes during zoom or focus, so less chance
of dust to get in! Dust being the evil to digital.

just a very quick grab,, comparison to the 80-200 2.8 this is super cropped on the focal point, and the top is the new 70-200 F4, and even though
not a perfect test, once can already see the improvement in detail! Yippee!

best lens-dsc_8469-compare.jpg

I just don't want to give up ANY sharpness due to lens!,, Nowadays, one should get sharp images, and not worry about softness. Happy camper am I.

I ended up ordering the Nikon collar, found a used one on Amazon, not happy to pay over 100 dollars, wow, Nikon gets PROFIT for this basic addon,

but,, I think for the times on a tripod, the collar is of value. oh well, bite the bullet.

anyhow, I am pretty sold on this lens!,,
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Updated 04-20-2017 at 08:56 PM by stmv

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