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Happy New Year!

This winter I've been experimenting with Photomatix Pro 4.0. It does remarkable things, but I learned how important it is to have a good image bracket to begin with. Dark centers in lightbulb highlights bugged me for awhile until I learned how to avoid them by making sure the most underexposed image had no blowouts anywhere. I also found that shooting in RAW and using minimum ISO (especially at night) makes a big difference in the quality of the output (particularly noise and detail). My style in HDR is to lean towards realism, rather than what more people associate with HDR (exaggerated detail, haloing, and unnatural coloration). I do some post-processing after Photomatix.

1) Festive house in Swansea, Massachusetts, complete with lights filling in the roof and right wall.

2) And, going around the left side of the same house is a plethora of colorful ornaments!

3) Santa on an inflatable motorcycle adorns this colorful front lawn in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Thanks for looking!
These and other winter pictures can be seen at my gallery at Winter Scenes & Holiday Lights - GonyeaGalleries' Photos
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    Pretty neat!
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