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I took my son for a walk this morning and was on the hunt for an unusual door for this weeks "Weekly Challenge". I didn't realize how difficult a unique door would be to find when one is actively looking. None of these photos have been processed.

My first born son, Brutus, still snoozing as I adjust the settings on my camera for the upcoming walk.
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0248.jpg

A look down the neighborhood in the heart of Silicon Valley.
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0249.jpg

I spotted some funky doors! Now to get a photo without strange looks of occupants wanting to know who's the guy is taking pictures of their front door.
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0251.jpg

Cool house with a door, not sure it'll win any accolades but what the hell, I'll take a photo.
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0253.jpg

Another door, sort of interesting but not really, I'll still take a photo.
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0255.jpg

This next group of photos I took after giving up on finding a suitable door. I just decided to shoot photos of what I saw during my walk.
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0259.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0261.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0264.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0267.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0268.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0269.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0271.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0273.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0274.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0275.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0284.jpg
SB-900 worth it?-_pas0288.jpg
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