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Well it looks like I'm winning this battle against the dreaded nicotine! With 2 and 1/2 hours left to go to complete my third day smoke-free, it looks like nicotine is losing it's grip on me! Woohoo!

Just over 3 days ago I would have swore that I couldn't quit this bad habit, and look at me now, I've pried that monkey off my back for good! I owe a big thank you to all my friends who've been showing their support, helping me get rid of this nicotine monster!
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Updated 08-20-2014 at 10:45 PM by Eduard



  1. Ironwood's Avatar
    Good for you Bill.
    Little steps soon turn into big steps.
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  2. Bill16's Avatar
    Thanks buddy! Winning this battle gives me a really positive outlook on winning the whole war against the nicotine monster!
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  3. RON's Avatar
    When the going gets tough the tough get going. So hang tough buddy. You can do it. I smoked unfiltered Camels for 35 years and if I could quit, so can you.
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  4. Bill16's Avatar
    Thanks buddy I will! I'm determined!
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  5. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    Keep it going, Bill!!!!
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  6. Bill16's Avatar
    Thanks buddy! I'm now a non-smoker for the first time since I was a teenager! Lol
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  7. Deleted's Avatar
    Great work Bill, we're proud of you!
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  8. Bill16's Avatar
    Thank you very much! I sure appreciate it!
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  9. sonicbuffalo's Avatar
    Bill....I used to smoke 2 packs a day over 35 years ago.....and I've been quit for 35 years can do it too! I'm pulling for you too! Keep up the good work. It is said that it takes 3 weeks or 21 days to break a habit....keep that in mind as you shoot for the first month!
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  10. Bill16's Avatar
    I'll keep that in mind buddy! But I also have another incentive to stay non-smoking! I've already got 2 months worth of cigarette money spent come the 25th! So I won't have a dime to spend on cigarettes anyway! Lol
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  11. RON's Avatar
    The other thing you need to do Bill is thoroughly clean your house and all you and your wife's clothing to rid out the tobacco odor. This will help to free you of the scourge of tobacco also and it will be a better environment for your wife to come home to. Give your ashtrays to Goodwill. Your doing good buddy. Keep it up.
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  12. Bill16's Avatar
    I'll do what I can buddy,and I've already started removing ashtrays!
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  13. mustang's Avatar
    I've been cigarette free for 7 1/2 years now ....................
    Just remember 1 thing you will always be an ex smoker , not a non smoker .
    It's a wicked evil monkey and will try to crawl back on your shoulder any chance he gets .
    I still sometimes get the urge even after 7 years ......just sayin
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  14. DraganDL's Avatar
    Good move, my friend! One of the saddest scenes on Planet Earth: a person, passionately inhaling the smoke of a cigarette...
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  15. Bill16's Avatar
    Thanks guys! No more cigarettes for me! I need the money too much for my photography needs! Lol
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