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OK! I quit smoking with the incouragement of my friends at 7:30 pm eastern time here in the US! The first Ten minutes was done with me constantly glancing over at the clock telling myself "You can do this" over and over like a mantra! The second ten minutes went by painlessly, and I can't explain why either! After that it's been very hard off an on so far! By the time I get this posted it will have been an hour and maybe a little over that!
Yes folks I'm doing it, following the great advice of my friends! I can only pray I don't shame myself by folding as more time goes by, but I'm pretty determined to make it work now on the eve before my birthday!
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  1. Carroll's Avatar
    You are giving yourself a Birthday gift no one else can. I admire you for your courage to take control of your life for yourself and your wife. I join with many others in praying for your success, Bill.

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  2. Bill16's Avatar
    Thank you very much! I can use all the help I can get.
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  3. Eyelight's Avatar
    All you have to do is remember why you stopped. It will be hard to remember in a few days or couple weeks, so think about it right now and get it stuck in your head. Then when it doesn't make sense, just remember why.
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  4. Bill16's Avatar
    Thanks buddy! That sounds like a good idea!
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  5. Bluebear's Avatar
    Good luck, my friend. Seriously. I've never smoked but probably, no, do drink more than is good for me although I never get drunk. I could use some of your willpower in cutting down. I'll be interested to watch how you progress.
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  6. Deleted's Avatar
    You're doing it for love, Bill. There's no better reason.
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  7. Bill16's Avatar
    Thank you guys! I'm still managing, though it's very hard!
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  8. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    Good luck, Bill!!

    Keep track of how much you don't spend on smoking, and reward yourself from time to time. (You'll be surprised how much you spent on those things, if you keep track.)

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  9. Bill16's Avatar
    I think the money will have to go for medical bills after a while, but I'm working on rewarding myself here pretty soon. Even though this one reward may have to last me until a lot of bills are paid down.
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  10. paul04's Avatar
    Well @Bill16 a few month's on, have you still stopped smoking!!
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  11. Bill16's Avatar
    Yep! I'm still smoke free! Thanks for asking!
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  12. Deleted's Avatar
    Bill, you're our Champ!
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  13. Bill16's Avatar
    Lol Thanks buddy!
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  14. Phanntom's Avatar caught on early.

    I passed my 2nd. anniversary Jan 27th of this year. I wasn't smart enough after my first heart attack 9 yrs. fact lit up in the car on the way home from the hospital.

    This time was different....same heart attack, but this time I died. After spending nearly 2-minutes on the "other side", I got the message.

    The first few days will be tough, but then you'll find it a little bit easier each day. One suggestion I might offer is...WALK. Become a walking will help tremendously in burning off the nervous energy and it will do wonders for keeping the excess weight off that tends to plague former smokers.

    If you need encouragement, feel free to email m privately....
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