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So, some of you know I gave up lugging around a lot of equipment and went to shooting with my P510 a couple of years ago. And I just shoot for fun. Well somehow my daughter talked me into shooting a wedding with her this weekend. (OK maybe that wrapped around the little finger thing still works.)

So out comes the old D80, lenses and flash. Out comes the bag to carry it all around. Out come the Ben Gay for my back the night after. (that's why I gave it all up in the first place)

Now if it wasn't for the Old Timers memory issues I would remember where all the buttons and dials were without having to look, but after playing with it the last couple of days that not quite how it happened. Hopefully by Sat afternoon I will have most of it back and be able to change things on the fly. (give or take)

OH YA...then there's the "Dad can you help me shoot portraits the following weekend? I have a company that needs new employee business shots and could use the help." At least I can be mostly sedentary there.

I miss retirement already!!!! Wish me luck!!!
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  1. Rick M's Avatar
    Good luck! I'm sure you'll do great!!
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  2. Alan's Avatar
    I still got it..... Things went well and I got some good shots. My daughter is going to post process them but what we looked at seemed to come out well.

    I did however pay for it that night. I can't take shots just standing up and the knees were not happy with me by the end of the day.
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  3. Whiskeyman's Avatar
    Good for you, Alan, that you were successful with the shoot. I hope that you recover quickly.

    I'm at the point of taking an Aleve/Advil/aspirin before I am going to be on my feet a long time, followed up with another dose the next day as soon as I wake up. This always seems to help minimize the aches while I'm out and the following day.

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