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    Beyond flash?

    Beyond flash?
    Beyond flash?-4a468d03-ee4c-464d-8dd0-63d1bfd10907.jpg

    A cudweed …. Gnaphalium sylvaticum….
    This rather dull photo means a lot to me, as I am trying to get a overview of the flora where I live

    The Z5 with 24-50 didnt quite manage to pinpoint the AF, as the af square is too big, it missed on the
    top flower. As I was too lazy not using tripod this time, I guess ibis made this shot somewhat
    I have never learnt the art of flash. I am unsure if that would have helped, this is 30 cm away on 50mm setting.

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Do YOU have a speedlite?

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Yep, the SB-910.
    Bought it used some years ago.

    Have no idea on how to use it on Z5
    Wont matter, as the SB-910 is waaaaaay to big for me to carry around

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    You would use it like any other flash on the Z5. But it sounds like you don't want to bother because it's too large. The Z5 supports Nikon's CLS system, which that flash uses. You can control the flash by either mounting the flash on the camera, or using Nikon's CLS to remotely control the flash for Off-camera use. That flash does i-TTL which basically means, the flash has it's own sensor, communicates with your Z5 operates in what can only be described as full-auto flash... IOW, even a Chimpanzee can take a picture with that flash and camera...

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Is there a pop-up flash on the Z5? Someone made a diy diffuser for a DSLR pop-up flash. I think it might have been @Scott Murray but it's been a long time to remember for sure.
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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Is the 24-50mm lens a macro? 30cm translates to 11 inches and that is even too close for some macro lenses without extension tubes or other aid for close-up. I would guess you need to back off a bit for a photo that is more in focus, then crop the image.

    As for the SB-910, I am not a fan of using a flash most times. But then there are the times when the flash is the best option get your photo. It's your choice in the end.
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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Quote Originally Posted by hark View Post
    Is there a pop-up flash on the Z5?
    Believe only the Z50 has a pop up flash.

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Beyond flash?
    Beyond flash?-aefb512e-9613-4f0e-878e-08e1fabe8786.jpgI am not talking about the olds D750 which popped the cork anytime I dint want it……

    Its closest is 35 cm, at 50 it gets me close enough

    Finally Im worse than a chimp Im 65 and well done in Parkinsons, meaning I am way to shaky to behold and nice photos

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    The Flash will greatly IMPROVE your shaky hand-held photos...

    In general, the flash duration on most speedlights is
    between 1/400 at full power, and 1/20,000 at low power.
    So... If you set your Z5's speed to 1/200th... It's flash sync speed. Although the camera's shutter is actuating at 1/200th., the flash is actually "freezing" the image at a much higher(faster) speed...

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    Re: Beyond flash?

    Sorry, that isnt going to happen. Flash is no option for me, Will have to do with my photos as is

    As some will know, this was easy peasy with d750
    a) fire up the big sb-910 in slave m and grap it with your hand ppointing at the motiv at a meter or so
    b) pop the built in flash as master

    OH what lovely flash photos I got!

    This aint workin at Z5.
    You need som tech expensive gadget in the hot shoe to control sb-910
    or another Nikon sb

    Of course, if I choose to ruin the colors of my flowers, an easy way to do that is to set the sb 910 in the hot shoe- I dont even want to try that at 35 cm where will all that strobe light go

    So . my tripod to the rescue
    Unless some nifty inexpensive control gadget pops up.

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