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    24-200 f4-6.3

    Just picked up this lens for my Z6. Still not sure what I think about it but wanted to share some thoughts. First, its not a magic lens, there is NOTHING that looks better than what I can get with the kit I already have. So what's it for? I have the 14-30 f4s, 24-70 f4s and 70-300 af-p f4.5-5.6 that is used with the FTZ adapter. That adapter is the hot spot I was trying to scratch away. Although I've always been happy with the results with that lens on the FTZ, its a pain to use especially if you are on a tripod and need a L bracket or base plate attached. The bracket/plate is compatible with the FTZ but you cant swap lenses from FTZ adapter to no FTZ without taking the bracket/plate off first and only then can you take the FTZ off. Makes swapping between native lenses to adapted lenses and back cumbersome, frustrating and annoying. So annoying in fact, I thought I could justify $900 for the 24-200 so I bought it. We've got a vacation later on this year for which I specifically got this lens in order to keep my kit as small as possible and to not hassle with that FTZ adapter/L bracket. The original thought was to replace the 24-70 and 70-300 permanently with this one lens, something I've read other reviewers doing. Now, I'm starting to think that's not at all what I want to do. I use that 201-300 a lot, plus 300 at f5.6 looks far better than 200 at 6.3 and then cropping the image. Also, the fact that 50mm is already at f5.6 on the 24-200 whereas there's twice as much light going through the 24-70 at 50mm f4. True, the 24-200 being a native lens gets all the VR the body/lens have to offer. This allows me to get 200mm shots at 1/6 shutter hand held. The 70-300 isn't too far behind though, I get 300mm shots at 1/15 shutter hand held. But that's no help when the shutter speed must be higher for moving subjects and then its the 70-300 for the win. For me, it all comes down to that dang FTZ adapter. I know Nikon recently released the FTZii which looks like it would alleviate the issues I have with the first gen FTZ. The new 100-400 looks ideal but not for $2700. Maybe a 2 body system is where I'll end up, 14-30 f4 on the Z6 and 24-200VR on a Z50 or Zfc. I don't have one of those Z crop bodies, but the money I save by not buying the 100-400 could buy both and still have a thousand bucks to spare! I've only had the lens for a couple days and only used it around the house. Hoping to stretch its legs out this weekend. It's still too new to make any final decisions but these are my initial thoughts.
    Anyone else using this lens? Love it? Hate it? Why?
    Anyone have the FTZii? Does it allow the L bracket to remain attached to the body while swapping the FTZii out for native glass?

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    Prime Lenses- Nikon 50 f1.8g, Tamron 85 f1.8, Tokina 100 f2.8, Rokinon HD 8 f3.5

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