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    8-15mm Fisheye

    Hello, I have decided to purchase a Fisheye for my next lens and would really appreciate feed back from those who have used the 8-15mm 3.5-4.5 Fisheye on a DX Camera. I have my birding lens and Sigma 16-50 for all purpose. I really want to explore a different perspective with the snow season soon to be kicking in here in Ohio. Weather resistance is a nice selling point for me on this lens. The other good selling point is I could very well end up buying a D750 or other similar full frame in the future.

    I understand that it will not be circular on my D500 and I just want to know if the 180 degree view is nice on a DX Camera. For the price it certainly should be.

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    Re: 8-15mm Fisheye

    I bought a used Samsung NX1 and 10mm 3.5 Fisheye today. I am done spending on gear now until Milky Way season mid February at the earliest.

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