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    Wedding - Liz and Cameron

    Wedding - Liz and Cameron
    Some teasers from last weekends 14 hour marathon wedding! Had a great couple and some nice locations, but for me again it was the sexy sexy back light during golden hour that made the day...

    All about the bling.

    I would usually not have the TV in a shot like this, but he LOVES baseball and I mean he is fanatical about it - so at his request there was the TV with baseball on.

    Assistant cut off the toes... but great shot otherwise.

    I F%&KING LOVE Champagne!!!

    Bridal prep was incredibly yellow and not overly nice as far as backgrounds go, but we can only work with what we have.

    Church wedding

    I've shot this church a few times and there is always this splash of light in the aisle. If you don't know about it and keep the same settings as you shot the wedding on you will blow it out like crazy - I love how it lights them up as they leave....

    2 strobe setup - 1 at around 1/32 power and the other around 1/8th from memory

    Single strobe pointing up the stairs... I thought about getting on from the other way to get rid of the shadow, but we were running out of time in this location so went without it.

    Single strobe from behind - Things I hate about this image are the chairs and the TV behind the groom. Again time constraints meant we didn't get time to move the chairs. I will try and lose the TV in post.

    Powder room - 2 strobe heads behind me pointing straight up

    Handover from day limo (Rolls Royce) to reception arrival horse and cart...

    Golden hour starting...

    Took them outside for a night shot - strobe behind and SB900 in front.

    The videographer wanted in on a similar shot so he put up his video light, I used it from a different angle - no front light at all

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