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    Nathan's image thread

    Nathan's image thread
    I think this is where I should post my images, correct me if I'm wrong, I shoot with a d3000 still very new to photography but these are some of my photos, also you will get to know I love colour in my photos and sometimes it's my downfall as they often turn out noisy
    Ok to start it off these are from Orlando Florida,
    I loved this sky

    These next few are slightly edited but I held back abit to keep the photo sharp

    And my personal favourite photo I have ever taken to date
    Comments and thoughts are welcome and all will be taken into consideration
    Thanks, Nathan.

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    Re: Nathan's image thread

    Nice shots Nathan! lots of colors is great, you might try experimenting with HDR, works well with color


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    Nathan's image thread

    Nathan's image thread
    Nothing special really, just to update the thread a bit but took these yesterday, haven't even edited, it was also while I was driving

    And some beadage on my roof

    Ohh and this is felix the housecat
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