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    Re: Dieselnutjob's photos

    Quote Originally Posted by dieselnutjob View Post
    So I also had some "fails". My daughter asked me to take some photos of these baby crocodiles (well I think that's what they are). It was quite dark in there.

    Being a newbie I guess I forgot about depth of field and so only one of them is in focus
    RTP_0352 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr

    I'm not quite sure how I would know that whether I not I have a small enough aperture for them to both be sharp?
    If you have a lot of light it's fine because you can just put a small aperture, but if it's dark then it becomes a balancing act of cranking the ISO hi enough to get the shot, and the aperture just small enough to get the depth of field I guess? Too small an aperture means a higher ISO and more grain.

    How does one know how small an aperture is needed?

    Trial and error and keep inspecting on the screen on the back of the camera?

    Just shoot with losts of combinations of ISO / aperture and look on a big screen when you get home?

    You can use a 'preview button' that you can custom set in the menu to check DoF. I think you can see DoF when using 'live view' as well.
    Google "Depth of Field Tables."

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    Re: Dieselnutjob's photos

    Quote Originally Posted by dieselnutjob View Post
    ... baby crocodiles (well I think that's what they are). ...
    RTP_0352 by dieselnutjob, on Flickr

    They're alligators, crocs have a pointed snoot.

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    Re: Dieselnutjob's photos

    Dieselnutjob's photos
    Great start, you will need to get into the PP, did a quick and dirty edit on the Tiger.

    Dieselnutjob's photos-post.jpg
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