I had looked at the 300mm f4 AF-S but rulled it out due to size/weight.
Thats a pity your 300mm PF is starting to have issues.

I also looked at older manual Nikon lenses as there seems to be plenty of good bargains about and I don't have an issue using a manual lens. Having said that I decided against it after learning that several contain Thorium. I realise there is a case that you would have to use these an awful lot to even come close to the amount of radiation that would be a similar exposure to an standard xray, but it is the thought that puts me off.
Another issue is that I have came across is that there lists that are supposed to contain all these Thorium lenses, only to find other ones listed elsewhere that are not included in the original list. If there was a difinitive list then I might take another look at non Thorium manual lenses.

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