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    Re: Affinity Photo any thoughts on this program?

    Marturo, I too used Picasa for years to import and catalog my photos. Did my post-processing too when I was only shooting JPG files. But in time I started to shoot RAW + JPG, and began using the RAW files almost exclusively. I stopped using Picasa for the editing anymore, but continued to use it for importing and cataloging. But it is old and unsupported now.

    I am a thrifty person, so I look for free and open-source software solutions first. I have changed to using the Nikon View-NX and Capture NX-D for the import and cataloging. True it is not an all-in-one setup like Picasa. But the price is right, and they link to each other so you can be viewing photos and click on the button for importing. I do not use Affinity, but have heard some good things. I do my post-processing mostly with RawTherapee (open-source software) and I have learned to navigate it reasonably well. Not for a novice user at all though. I did recently buy Luminar 4 and am using it more regularly. Luminar does have a simple interface, I almost consider it too simple. But I find the AI does a better job making adjustments than my manual attempts in RawTherapee. They are releasing a new version later this year, it could pay to wait for that before testing out.

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    Re: Affinity Photo any thoughts on this program?

    Mike, The current version of windows 10 will "display" .nef files in file explorer.

    You could copy the files on your card and paste them into a folder named for the photos it will house.

    You could then use the open command while in Affinity, navigate to the folder you made (or your card) to work on the photo.

    You could also use windows right click context menu and chose "Open with" and select Affinity from the list. With this method you can open more than one photo by holding the ctrl key (control key) after your first selection and you can select multiple out of order photos to "open".

    You could even set up easily for Windows to open any .NEF file in Affinity if you double click it while viewing it in file explorer (you can change it back or to something else at any time).

    If you are game I would go to Nikon USA web site look under support then scroll down to Download center then click on software from the list chose View NXi and Captuer NX-D

    This will give you the latest version and you will be able to see even the latest .nef files -- You can set up the Nikon software to open a file you are looking at in Affinity (or any program you like).

    View NX-i is nice for organizing photos on your PC, you can even do adjustments there if you want to, see your shooting info as well.

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    Re: Affinity Photo any thoughts on this program?

    Beautiful, nothing else can describe, awesome.

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    Re: Affinity Photo any thoughts on this program?

    I haven't been posting much, so I just saw this thread. I use Affinity. It does what I need it to. I know Photoshop has a few things that Affinity doesn't, but for the price difference, I can live without an oil paint filter and luminosity masking (or whatever it is called), so I dumped it.
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