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    changed sizing for sending pics through net

    I was using LR and changed the sizing to 12.800 long edge and 25 pixels per inch. I didn't realize it but when I was exporting pics to my desktop-it was making these resizing #'s on all the photos I was exporting. How do I change the settings back to their original size? I originally changed the sizing to download to this forum-not realizing that any of my pic after that would be resized. I use the "export" setting to do this. Paul

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    Re: changed sizing for sending pics through net

    Maybe I am misunderstanding the question, but just uncheck the 'resize to fit' box under image sizing in the export dialog box and you won't get any resizing. I have a presets for Nikonites and Facebook. If your 'original' settings are other than full size, just make a preset for next time.
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