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    Newbie looking some PS help

    Newbie looking some PS help
    Im trying to do a photo collage of the family dog its looks fine when viewed on the screen but when you go to image, image size and look at it 100% there are straight lines visible between each photo, so any one give me some guidance on how to get rid of this in Photoshop please .Newbie looking some PS help-untitled-mac-jpeg.jpg

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    Re: Newbie looking some PS help

    I would use the mask but use a gradient to blend one photo to the next. This link will give you an idea.
    Lou Cioccio

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    Re: Newbie looking some PS help


    Looking at the screen capture, I'm not seeing the straight lines you're referring to.

    Are the lines bordering each image layer (like a stroke)? Or are they blue horizontal lines that span the whole collage (in other words, are they "guides")? If they're guides, you'd be able to click on them and slide them around.

    Images / Image Size is not where you go to view the image 100%, it's the tool you use to resize the image or change the resolution. To view larger, click CTRL + (plus) to increase the size and CTRL - (minus) to decrease the size. You'll see the percent size change next to the file name in the upper corner.

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    Re: Newbie looking some PS help

    Thanks classified, the lines are where each photo meets the other, i have disguised it now as much as possible, nice wee tip regarding the percent size next to the file name.

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