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    EXIF data missing

    I'm still experimenting with my D70s! I shot some photos, transferred them from the camera to a folder on my PC and was able to read the EXIF data via Properties>Details. I just tried again and the data are missing!

    Any deads?

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    Re: EXIF data missing

    Did you copy or move the files? Another possibility is that the file manager has had the EXIF data display turn off.

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    Re: EXIF data missing

    What operating system are you running and were the images in raw or jpeg format? if they were raw try installing the Nikon codec if your operating system will support it.


    Were the file opened or processed in any other software? Some programs remove this information.

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    Re: EXIF data missing

    Very weird. After I posted this, I tried again and the data had returned. But I just tried again now and no data! I'm still running 8.1 and I these are not yet processed. Some are jpeg and some are RAW.

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    Re: EXIF data missing

    Where are you posting/putting the images that you're expecting to see the EXIF data?

    There are numerous EXIF reader apps that you can install that will read the EXIF data from an image on your computer.

    From your earlier post, I assume you're using Windows
    Here's a list of EXIF viewers for Windows

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