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    Autofocus not working D7100

    Hey everyone,

    I am in mountain country and I brought my D7100 with Nikon DX Nikkor 55 - 300mm zoom 4.5 - 5.6 G ED. My zoom is not working and I have checked the following. Lens and camera on autofocus not manual. Back dial is not locked. I have removed the lens and do not see any problems with it. I have cleared the viewfinder. I have clicked AEL/AFL to be sure it wasn't on the wrong thing. I have reset the shooting settings. I am honestly out of the only options I know to check. I missed amazing buck photos today...sad face. Does anyone know of anything I have not checked. Oh, and I also bought two new Nikon batteries and charged them fully with the charger that came with my camera. I also formatted my memory cards...sighs. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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    Re: Autofocus not working D7100

    Maybe you could explain what "the zoom is not working" means??? Zoom is mechanical... You turn the lens barrel and the lens zooms in and out changing the focal length...

    Make sure menu options A1 and A2 are set to "Release"... That means the shutter will fire whether you have focus lock or not.

    If set to "Focus" the shutter will not fire unless you have focus lock.
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