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    2x converters

    Can a 2x converter be used with an af lens?

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    Re: 2x converters

    Well…. Yes, is the basic answer to your question… The next question is, which lens are you looking to attach it to, which camera body, and how much money do you have?

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    Re: 2x converters

    Depending on the lens and the camera, it may not auto-focus.
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    Re: 2x converters

    This is from Nikon Canada but should still offer accurate compatibility.

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    Re: 2x converters

    Welcome aboard Geraldfc49. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.
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    Re: 2x converters

    Welcome to the forum, could do with specific details of the lens and converter you are thinking of.

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    Re: 2x converters

    If you want to retain autofocus and other information, you will need to get an autofocus TC, Nikon makes several. It is possible to use a non-AF TC but you will lose AF ability and the ability to change aperture and you will be shooting wide open all the time.
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