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Thanks for this, M.J.! That had 2 things in it I hadn't known. @Horoscope Fish - did you know about either of these?
The Easy ISO option was not new to me but the Auto-ISO "bug" is something I was not familiar with. Funny thing is, my D750 doesn't seem to want to take over the shutter speed as is shown in the video. Any other D750 users want to chime in on this, because now I'm curious...

I've got my D750 in my hand's right now set to use Aperture Priority with Auto-ISO and a Minimum Shutter Speed of 1/125. As I walk about a dimly lit room the shutter speed doesn't fluctuate, while ISO does; this is exactly what I would expect from the camera with these settings. I do remember hearing someone say that Nikon finally, "got it right" with Auto-ISO on the D750, but I don't know if this is what they were referring to or not. I've shot in Manual with Auto-ISO for a very long time so maybe I'm just not remembering how things worked on my older Nikon bodies when I shot in Aperture Priority mode more often. If that is in fact how Auto-ISO works on most Nikon bodies, meaning as shown in the video then yeah, I can see how that would drive a person right over the edge; that makes no sense!

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