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    Easy panorama p520coolpix

    Hey guys, first sorry if it's in the wrong section of the forum. I've recently bought p520 camera and I've tried "Easy panorama" feature, and my problem with it is if I don't do the full line the rest of the line is gray. I would like to know if it's possible to do panorama without really doing the full line like for example on iphone. Hence I'm really a newb with this

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    Re: Easy panorama p520coolpix

    Welcome,with out knowing the camera i would say no if your using the panorama mode,you can do it by taking individual images and stitching them in the computer,have a look at this program and the video.


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    Re: Easy panorama p520coolpix

    Howdy and welcome to Nikonites!

    I'm not familiar with the p520, but I suspect you'll get some helpful answers soon!

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    Re: Easy panorama p520coolpix


    Are you doing an in camera panorama? Have you tried looking in the manual or YouTube?

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    Re: Easy panorama p520coolpix

    It's a scene mode in camera, I've looked at youtube, and in most of them pictures come out without grey stuff.. but in 1 video i've noticed little gray but 0 explanation of how to remove it.. I'll upload a sample picture later today when I get time

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    Re: Easy panorama p520coolpix

    Welcome Mateo to the forum. I don't know the camera, so can't help any with that.

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