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    What is Wrong?

    Supposing that the posted examples are what you get out of the camera, I am with Don: a serious sensor (or connector to the sensor or motherboard) problem.
    I guess it is time for a trip to Nikon.

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    Re: What is Wrong?

    Trip to ebay for a replacement ( or upgrade) then sell the old one on ebay with the fault shown ..you will be amazed what people will buy just for a new case etc. A trip to Nikon will not be cheap and you will still have an old camera

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    Re: What is Wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by mikew View Post
    Do the images look like this on the camera lcd, if not have you ruled out data corruption while transferring to the PC.
    I'm hoping this is the case, for @Friggs. Sucks to have your cam breaking anytime, let alone during the holidays. Good luck!
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    Re: What is Wrong?

    Quote Originally Posted by mikew View Post
    Another silly thought do you delete images in the camera or do you format the card in camera, there is a difference, cards should be formatted in camera.

    Why you should not delete images on your memory card using your camera - DIY Photography
    I do not delete from the camera. And I format it in camera every time.
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