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    Pricing images to a chain restaurant??

    I contacted a large nation wide restaurant for some images I shot. The corporate office called me and they are interested in two of my images. The individual said he is interested in pricing the two images I showed them to have in all their restaurants across the country and for their corporate offices. He asked me to price out different sizes and quantities. So just looking for a little advice for what would I charge per print? I have never stepped into this side of the business, this was a shot in the dark and they are interested. Is $250 per image a good price? Then that would multiply for the number of prints they want to go in each restaurant. I thought my sales pitch would be these images would be exclusive to them, I would not sell them to any other person/company.


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    Re: Pricing images to a chain restaurant??

    I'm going to just take a shot in the air as I don't have any kind of knowledge for this scale, but here is what I think and could be happy with.

    $250 per photo for the exclusive rights to the work.
    $20 per image for each copy of an 8x10 as an example size and price.
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    Re: Pricing images to a chain restaurant??

    I don't think they will be interested in buying prints from you. They probably want the exclusive rights to the images and they will let their ad agency take care of the printing and distribution. If you have friends that work for an add agency you could always try to find out what kind of fee is usual for a situation like your's.

    I think you probably could get around 800.00$ per image for exclusive perpetual rights, but there is no way to tell if they'd go for that price. But, if they were to hire a professional photographer to try and replicate your image, it would certainly cost them a lot lot more, probably around 3,000.00 $ for a 2 days session and rights to the images.

    Just my humble opinion.
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    Re: Pricing images to a chain restaurant??


    Thanks for taking the time to respond. I talked to the main guy and he is interested in buying prints, asked me to price out what I could sell them for. He offered up to buy an initial run of 20-40 prints, then as the restaurant is a chain with individual owners, my name would be offered to all owners as a preferred vendor and those owners would buy direct from me. I'm looking at either 16x20 or 20x30, pricing them at $250 each print and also looking at options for framing so when the individual owners order they get a framed print ready to hang up.
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