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    Snowy Owl

    Snowy Owl
    I photographed this snowy owl just after it captured this wild meadow vole and to my surprise it decided to land directly in front me and show off its prize. I was thinking if this image would be appropriate to frame up and put on display with some other photos that I am displaying for the public in our city as part of Earth Day next weekend at a local Nature location. I like the image but am not sure if this is something the general public/family with kids would see it the way I do. Thanks for any input, I have others that show the same POV less the rodent. First time in 13 years capturing something like this so maybe I am a little too excited about displaying it I just love this shot. I could add a tiny writeup on a card about the shot. Black frame with double white mat would make this pop.

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      Re: Snowy Owl

      It's a fine photograph, but I find the dead mouse to be ugly and distracting. These are such beautiful birds and anything else in the scene that competes for attention will diminish the subject. I'd use the images you have sans the rodent. Just my $0.02. Be assured though that your composition, light and DOF are outstanding!

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      Re: Snowy Owl

      Snowy Owl
      "but I find the dead mouse to be ugly and distracting" I understand, I will frame up on that has the same look but no wild meadow vole hanging out its mouth Here a a couple of others that work better, thanks for feedback its appreciated. Wouldn't want any parents coming in with young kids and not feeling good about this shot.

      This is from the day before

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      Re: Snowy Owl

      The rodent does not bother me. That's what owls do, they hunt and eat these little animals so it doesn't bother me. I forget which contest, but a Wildlife Photo of the Year a few years ago was a red fox that had killed a white fox and was eating the carcass. Nature, in all its savagery. As a photo of an owl though, I like the photos without the rodent better.

      It looks like you were out at golden hour, you've got some nice light. Personally, I'd try (1) cropping tighter to the bird, and (2) I'd play around with the white balance a little bit. I'd try it a little bluer, especially if you can make a local adjustment on/around the bird.

      To me, the foreground stuff, the reeds/stems are a distraction. I don't think they add anything.

      Some shooting data would be interesting, to see what you shot. It's a nice photo. Congrats.

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      Re: Snowy Owl

      Great shots!
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      Re: Snowy Owl

      The first photo tells a story and that's EXACTLY what makes a great photo.
      The portrait shots while nice, don't tell a story. They are nice photos of a beautiful bird.
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