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    Point me in the right direction pls

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      Re: Point me in the right direction pls

      The biggest issue with snow is getting the exposure down without burning out the sunlit part. Towards that end, most auto exposure modes will underexpose it to the point it looks sickly grey. Since there's very little sun-lit snow in your scenes, that didn't happen too much.

      However, keep in mind that the parts of the snow that aren't sunlit are lit by the bright blue sky. That's why it comes out blue.

      You can mask those snowy areas off and reduce the saturation in the blue channel. That can go a long way towards 'warming' the image up. You don't want to do that to the whole image and her pants & coat will start to look strange.

      On another note.... the backgrounds are far too cluttered and busy. Get closer, or use a longer focal length. This will remove the distractions of the backgrounds and focus on the intended subject.
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      Re: Point me in the right direction pls

      Quote Originally Posted by shellyshell176 View Post
      Newbie and need some constructive criticism and pointing in right direction. These were taken in the afternoon and I tried to kick up the golden aspect of the setting sun a bit using one of the preset modes when I edited it. I guess where I need to start is can some one point me in the right direction of a good tutorial on editing to enhance colors without making the snow (or the whites of someone's eye's etc) look blue.
      Do you mean something like this?
      Point me in the right direction pls-snow-scene.jpg
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      Re: Point me in the right direction pls

      You can also change the camera white balance to daylight, some times that will give you what you are looking for. Take two shots one in Auto the other Daylight and see which you like better.

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