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    A Long Wait. In more ways than one.

    I was at a nature area near here today for a workshop on using Macro Lenses. I spotted this fellow exiting a stone wall but before I could shoot, he got spooked and backed into the wall. I ended up waiting almost an hour to get this shot. Every time he'd start out, someone would walk by and spook him again. Anyway, I think he was worth the wait. He's a black snake and was about 3 feet long.

    A Long Wait.  In more ways than one.-snake.jpg

    105mm Macro
    ISO 400

    I was about 5 feet away, I took a couple of shots but once I tried to get a little closer, he was gone in a heartbeat.

    I didn't get many Macro Shots today because of my stubbornness about getting this one.

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      Re: A Long Wait. In more ways than one.

      Nice shot Mike!, worth the wait!


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      Re: A Long Wait. In more ways than one.

      I really like this shot Mike - your wait really paid off (I just don't have that kind of patience - I'm Mr. short attention span! )

      Looks like you nailed the exposure and certainly got a very sharp, detailed pic of the snake. Not sure how much PP work you did but it's not overdone - the colour and contrast look excellent. The 105 is a nice lens for sure.

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      Re: A Long Wait. In more ways than one.

      Great shot of the snake, Mike. Nice and sharp with great contrast.

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      Re: A Long Wait. In more ways than one.

      Your right Mike it is well worth the wait!!!
      Joe Cottone sr

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      Re: A Long Wait. In more ways than one.

      That's really cool, nice shot!
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