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    Car shoot

    Car shoot
    D750 + Tamron 24-70 f/2.8 VC(rented to try before buying)

    Looking for feedback on composition, and post processing.

    g+053 by GlebZ, on Flickr



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    Car shoot
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                            Re: Car shoot

                            GENERAL FORUM GUIDELINES

                            The intent of the Critique Forum is for personal growth. This is a place of learning, which comes from putting your work out there for others to provide feedback, and for you to give that same feedback to others. We want to promote honest feedback here. Do not be afraid to state that you don't like something, but be sure to include reasons why.

                            That being said, by participating in this forum, you must have a certain degree of humility and have thick enough skin to accept that not everyone is going to like your submission. Photography is art, and is personal to all of us. If you are unable to accept criticism, please, do not post your work here. We want to promote an environment where members can provide honest and fair feedback without running the risk of hurting someone's feelings.

                            PHOTO SUBMISSION RULES

                            1. Only one photo submission per day (24 hours). We don't want the forum to be monopolized by a single member.

                            Upload one image in your post. If you have a set of images, just provide a text link, either to your member gallery here on Nikonites.com or off-site. If you are unsure how to do this, please ask.

                            Include as much info as possible along with your image:

                            • EXIF data
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                            • What specifically do you want feedback on?

                            Photo submissions will be moderated. If the above 3 items are not included along with your photo, your thread will be deleted.

                            PHOTO CRITIQUE RULES

                            When providing feedback, you must include a score based on the 12 Elements of a Merit Image
                            (re-posted below for quick reference). The maximum score for any photo submission is 12.

                            1. You must include a total score at the beginning of your critique. Something along the lines of TOTAL SCORE: 10/12.

                            2. Do not include partial points, such as 8.5 or 9.3. Consider the 12 Elements, and decide whether the image meets the criteria or not.

                            3. If you have deducted points, you must include reasons why. See example critique.

                            Critiques that do not include a total score will be deleted. In addition, you must provide some sort of written feedback that is more than a simple "good job" or "I like it".

                            Be honest and fair when providing feedback to others. The goal of this forum is not to coddle or handhold for fear of hurting someone's feelings. At the same time, try to be encouraging and provide suggestions for improvement rather than be overly critical.

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