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    Camera bag

    I'm not sure if this is the best place for this topic, but I just received the camera bag I purchased for my D5100 and thought I'd post my thoughts.

    I got a Clik Elite Camera Capsule - small. Not really a "camera bag" per se, more like a padded insert with divisions for camera equipment.

    Since I walk around and travel a lot with the D5100, I wanted a bag that would not only keep it safe, but not be an advertisement that I was carrying a camera. I walk around With 1 Lens on the body and another lens, so a ton of storage was not a concern. Looked at a few "bags" and "packs", but they didn't seem right for me. I came across this insert, and went for it as it seemed to provide the most flexibility in terms of using different regular bags I already own.

    So far I'm very happy with it. The walls seem like they provide decent protection. The interior has 2 walls with Velcro that can be moved as desired, which creates 3 compartments (2 with top flaps). The D5100 body with a 40mm lens fits perfectly with vertical room to spare if I used a larger lens. I have the 18-55mm in one of the side compartments which fits perfectly. And I have another odds and ends in the other side compartment. The camera body does not make the outside walls of the capsule protrude, but I don't know with a larger body, or with an attached battery grip. The quality of material and build feels excellent, and the double zipper feels tough. Ive slipped this into various bags and packs I own, and it's lightness and usability seems great. I get easy access for shooting by fitting it into a messenger bag, and easy travel by slipping it into a check-in case.

    I had a look at some other inserts, but went with this because it had a zipper. The material on this seems semi water resistant, but it's probably not cause they would advertise the hell out of that. The thickness of the walls seem to be a decent balance of providing adequate protection while retaining the compactness to be usable in as many bags as possible. It has a top handle which is useful. There are no additional pockets, but I suspect that's to cut down on size. Overall, I think it's great for people who want to carry a small amount of gear in non-camera bags, and I'm very happy with the usability and build of it.

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    Re: Camera bag

    Sounds good, can you post some pics of it?


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    Re: Camera bag

    Quote Originally Posted by cnyram View Post
    Sounds good, can you post some pics of it?
    Reading my mind Rick.

    Your review was very well done and would be perfection with some pictures added!

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    Re: Camera bag

    Camera bag
    Here are some jpgs. I wanted to get a shot of the D5100 in the insert, but can't find my P&S right now, so all pics were shot with the D5100 with a 40mm. I added another lens (and Olympus 40-150mm) for some context in terms of scale. The zipper image shows a little tab, where I suppose you could attach to a belt, or something? There's another tab on the other side... but I don't know if I would trust them as I'm not exactly sure what their use is (thus the attention to the stitching). There are some images of the bag I have the insert in. The nice thing is it's like a messenger bag, but taller (so I can still use the interior pockets with the insert), it doesn't have a flip which make access to the camera convenient, but still has a zipper for security. There's images that show the insert with the zipper closed in the bag, and the top panel of the insert folded over for easier camera access. The various bag images are intended to show how the insert functions in a bag like that, and how the bag looks from the outside when the insert is in. How this helps.

    Camera bag-dsc_0393.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0394.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0395.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0396.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0398.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0399.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0400.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0401.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0402.jpg

    Camera bag-dsc_0403.jpg
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    Re: Camera bag

    Wonderful! Thanks for the pics!! A big help indeed.

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    Re: Camera bag

    I need one of those! Maybe two of them...

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    Re: Camera bag

    Nice review on this insert type bag, and good pics to go along with it. Nicely done. You didn't mention a price. What would something like this go for?

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    Re: Camera bag

    Quote Originally Posted by fotojack View Post
    You didn't mention a price. What would something like this go for?
    Looks to be about $40 (in the States): CE510RE Clik Elite Capsule, Small, for Compact Body - Red

    Edit: Oooohhhh...Jack...check it out! Half price on Amazon.ca (Canada) - only $20! http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B003...9EZQYP88Y8VBNE

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    Re: Camera bag

    Glad this was helpful. Yes, the price.

    Amazon.com: Clik Elite Camera Capsule- Compact: Camera & Photo

    I got mine for $36US on Amazon. Not bad considering I was going to drop $70-80 on a camera pack... glad I got this instead. Reviews of the insert all seem positive, and it seems like one of the sturdier ones out there - a couple of people wished the padding was a little thicker, but I think that becomes a bit subjective based on needs, as thicker padding would mean either less interior space or a wider container. I personally am happy with the padding for my uses and feel it offers a good mount of protection for my gear (I'm not running through jungles...), and I'm sure there are bags out there that have thicker padding, but it's really up to individual needs I suppose.

    The capsule is more of a "blood orange", as oppose to the lighter orange shown in Clik's advertisements, if that makes a difference.
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    Re: Camera bag

    Blurrymess (what is your first name btw?)....I think the really useful insert and nice looking bag is a perfect set-up for your gear by the sounds of it (and I'm sure for many others too). I bet a few more people may start asking you where you got your black shoulder bag! LOL!

    Thanks again for all the detailed information and pictures.

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