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    CF Memory Cards

    What does everyone on here prefer? I managed to get a 32GB SanDisk Extreme at Christmas time from Adorama for $75 and have been happy so far. I think I will get a few 16GB cards also.

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    Re: CF Memory Cards

    I like the SanDisk brand. I have usually purchased the 8GB cards in the past. My logic being I had rather have 2 8GB cards than one 16GB. That may have to change with the new cameras due to the large file size of the new cameras.

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    Re: CF Memory Cards

    I use Lexar 4GB cards in my D200 rather than larger cards. I'd rather lose one 4gig card than one 16 or 32 gig card should anything go wrong. Doesn't take forever to change a card if you run out on a shoot.

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    Re: CF Memory Cards

    I have had a good experience with Sandisk cards, I have one 16 GB and a bunch of 8 GB cards. Since neither of my bodies shoot video, i have lots of shots available prior to switching cards, and I only shoot RAW.
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    Re: CF Memory Cards

    I used to use Lexar, then SanDisk, then I got a Hoodman RAW card and have not looked back since. Awesome card!

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    Re: CF Memory Cards

    I've had my two- 4 gb Lexar 300x for the last 3 years now. Decent transfer rate. I can't seem to fill them up every shoot with Jpg + RAW settings. I bought two addtional 8 gb Sans Disk Extreme III in anticipation for vacation.

    I would stay away from the other generic brands although I have not used the Hoodman Raw card that "lensman" has suggested. You'll benefit more on the faster read/write speeds if you frequently shoot at higher fps and/or use a USB 3.0 to transfer your files to your computer.

    The Lexar and Sansdisk frequently goes on sale.
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