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    Question Seamless paper backdrops

    When I had my studio, I used muslin backdrops and they were a pain in the [email protected]#. They're expensive, heavy, and you're constantly editing out wrinkles in post. I have zero experience w/ seamless paper, but I think that's the way I want to go.

    It appears that 53" (a little more than 4 ft) and 107" (about 9 ft) are the widths with the most color options. It's recommended to store the rolls vertically to avoid warping the cardboard tube. Obviously that's not going to work with 8 ft ceilings and a 9 ft roll.

    I will probably only ever do headshots and from the knees up, but is 53" inches wide enough for that? Maybe the 86" size is a happy medium?

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    Re: Seamless paper backdrops

    Depending on the space you can get a 10' piece of piping to insert in the roll and hang it from the ceiling, either out of the way to store or right where you're going to use it. Roll back what isn't damaged during the shoot and reuse.
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    Re: Seamless paper backdrops

    The room I would convert to a studio is 12' wide, so there's room. I thought about using a piece of galvanized pipe or something through the tube roll, which should prevent it from bowing.

    I'd like to mount one of those 3-section brackets to the wall and avoid using stands. They fit, but it's hard to get in there to raise and lower the crossbar. I feel like using brackets would look cleaner as well.

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