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    Lightening Triggers

    I bought a Stryker Lightening/motion trigger a few years ago. The first one didn't work so I sent it back and they said there was nothing wrong with it, but they sent me a new one anyway. I did not have a chance to use the new one for quite awhile because the storm season was over. I tried it again tonight. It's still a piece of junk. Ha!

    Does anyone have a recommendation for something that is reliable. I think @MoabMan may have something if I remember correctly. He used it for splash photography too. Anyway all suggestions are welcome.


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    Re: Lightening Triggers

    i keep seeing miops splash trigger and pluto trigger advertised quite a lot but they are a fair wedge
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    Re: Lightening Triggers

    i follow nick page on you tube, he says they are a money pit. daytime they are tricky to
    setup, nighttime best to do in bulb or time lapse.
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    Re: Lightening Triggers

    I think @Moab Man has a Pluto Trigger. @Scott Murray has some type of lightning trigger, too, I believe. In the past, I remember Scott posted several lightning images.
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    Re: Lightening Triggers

    A friend has the MIOPS trigger and she turns out some incredible colored milk drop splashes... If I wanted to spend money, the MIOPS would be my first inclination...
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    Re: Lightening Triggers

    I have an old Nero trigger, which I believe has morphed into the MIOPS. I've never been in the right place at the right time with it for lightning but I've used it for sound and gate (? laser pointer into a sensor triggers when broken) triggering effectively, though for the latter it helps if you have VERY rigid mechanisms for holding them in place.
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    Re: Lightening Triggers

    I have the Pluto trigger. Happy with it. Instructional support is weak. Youtube is the best resource for help.

    Lightning - it works, but can be extremely finicky. Sometimes it's nailing it, other times it's not. It can be frustrating at times.

    Water drops - works well. However, day-to-day what works one day for a formula might not work the next day. There are just so many factors, but with patients you can get there.
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