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    D5200 Battery question.

    I just picked up a Nikon D5200 it's a new camera just old stock that never sold.
    I got a second battery for my camera and it is a genuine Nikon battery as well and I noticed when using auto focus with the 18-55 lens the battery drains pretty fast how many shot's on average should I expect to get off of one charge.

    I know that certain things will vary such as if the flash is used or if the what len's is on the camera will most likely play a roll so I know that no body can say you will get 30 pictures and then the battery will be dead,I'm just looking for a ball park figure should I expect to get between 100 and 300 if I'm using VR and auto focus.

    Please keep in mind I'm only looking for ruff guess numbers so I will at least know if I'm getting anywhere near what I should from my batterys,I do no know how many pictures I have gotten from full charge because I never kept track but it does seem like the batterys go dead in know time.

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    Re: D5200 Battery question.

    Welcome! Congratulations on the new camera.

    According to Nikon

    "The D5200's superior energy-saving design allows you to shoot approx. 500 shots per charge* with the EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery.

    *Based on CIPA Standards."

    i would not expect that kind of life as it is under test conditions. There are many factor that affect battery life. One of the bigger factors is LCD time and brightness. So if your are looking at your shot after you take them or are changing menu setting the number of shots will be less. Unless there is an extremely low number don't worry about it just go out shoot and have a good time.

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    Re: D5200 Battery question.

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    In addition to what Needa said, Nikon batteries need a few charge/discharge cycles to reach maximum capacity.
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    Re: D5200 Battery question.

    Welcome to the forum, i would repeat the above, LCD can gobble battery power and they do need a few charge cycles, is it both batteries that drain or the kit one.

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    Re: D5200 Battery question.


    As mentioned previously, new batteries need to charge multiple times before they reach maximum capacity. I believe Live View will use up the battery faster also.

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