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    Need a New Bag For Travelling

    Hello fellow Nikoniters - been a while since I was on here.

    I'm looking at doing another photo safari to Africa and looking at buying a better travel bag. Of course I can't make up my mind as I want something really strong and sturdy, but inconspicuous, as South Africa is notorious for the light fingered agility of its citizens.

    And then I want a decent back pack.
    I am thinking of buying online from Amazon because even with the shipping and possible import duties it is cheaper than buying locally.

    I haven't yet decided on the backpack but am thinking of getting a Pelican Air 1485 (just need to work out if it will take the gear I want to take, see my signature for full list of what I have although I may not take it all and definitely not the speed lights - I think it will fit it all in).

    So the questions are:
    1. Is that Pelican a good one (reviews are excellent)
    2. Backpack recommendations please.


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    Re: Need a New Bag For Travelling

    Pelican cases... I haven't done any air travel lately so I don't have good experience on that. Just some general comments on Pelican cases... I love them. I have a couple 1510's and 1450's for several years now. These are the older heavier models. The 1510 is the wheeled carry-on and the 1450 is about half that size. I have no doubt the new light ones are just as strong. I don't like the pluck foam, I like the padded dividers because I end up packing a case specifically for whatever I plan to do. I also store my gear at home in these cases. They are great to throw in the back of my truck or in the back of my wife's car if we take a trip. No worries.

    I also like them for my boat. It is not a nice boat. Its an old row boat with outboard. It bounces, bangs and vibrates and sometimes I get splashed or rained on. No worries. I live on a lake, so the boat is an almost everyday thing except winter. The cases get a lot of use. Even if I am just working out in the yard, I'll have a camera in a pelican case nearby. Garden hose, dogs, etc, you never know what can go wrong. I hardly ever use my closet full of soft cases unless I need something for walking.

    If you can't see the case in person, put some tape on the table marking the inside dimensions and lay your gear out. The padded dividers are about a 1/2" thick plus sides and bottom. The 1485 sounds like a good size, its in between my two sizes. Close in height to my 1450. It should just fit your d7100 standing on it's side. Or a 5.5" tall lens. That is with my padded insert under and the egg crate foam in the lid. I don't know if they offer a 1485 lid organizer, but I think I would skip it on this case. I have one on my 1510, but that case is 1.6" deeper.
    I must have a really good camera.

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