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    Re: battery options on a camping trip

    Don't know how you came up with your shots equivalent number. The LCD display is going to drain power at a greater rate than just using the view finder and video at an even higher rate. Another thing is you batterys are new, it take a number of cycles for them to optimize. While it certainly possible to have some abnormal power drain in the camera it is more likely you have some function turned on creating the drain. One area to look at are any wireless communications.

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    Re: battery options on a camping trip

    I would agree with Needa. New batteries do take several cycles to get to the normal battery life. One other is how much time is spent with screens or menus. I know when I am learning the ins and outs of a new camera battery life is much shorter than it will be once you settle in with it.

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    Re: battery options on a camping trip

    Thanks, Needa and Dan.

    Now as I turn back to picture what I did with my new camera (and batteries), I find you are right on the spot: 1. I use Live View all the time and seldom use viewfinder, 2. I make menu setting change a lot, 3. I do keep snapbridge on although seldom use it, 4. newly bought battery charged first time, original second time. All seems clear now (I hope) that these two batteries can improve performance after addressing the abovementioned issues. Consider being safe on my camping trip, I also ordered from AMZ two Wasabi's (as many members recommend here) with charger for backup or spare. Thank you.
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    Re: battery options on a camping trip

    Put the camera in “Airplane” mode to save some battery life; at least that’s what Nikon sez.

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