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    Winter is almost over, so it may be a little late to ask, but does anyone have any recommendations for gloves that will allow you to retain some feel for the camera (i.e. allow you to get to those buttons and switches by feel while you're looking through the viewfinder) while also protecting your fingertips from frostbite in freezing temperatures?

    My best compromise has been warmers in the pockets to keep the blood circulating when I'm not actively shooting. But even with those there are times when 60-120 seconds of framing and executing a series of shots is enough to get my fingers beyond numb.

    Recommendations are greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Gloves?!

    I had that problem when I was working indoors. They keep the rooms so cold that we all wore hoodies with the hoods on indoors even in the summer. I had fingerless gloves that I used. That would help you with the hands some but your fingertips would still get cold. look for Gun shooter gloves and see what you can find there.
    the high here today is 61 so I really don't have your problem here very often.

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    Re: Gloves?!

    I went out today, and I only wore one glove (on my left hand), when I was'nt shooting the other one was in my pocket...I probably looked like a poor Michael Jackson but my hands were warm lol..

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    Re: Gloves?!

    I've been using these 3M convertible mittens this winter.

    amazon.com/images/I/41rGbUDjyML.jpg" rel="shadowbox[posts]">

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    Re: Gloves?!

    Try finding a pair of spandex gloves or leather driving gloves. Or, you can look for golf gloves or batting gloves.
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    Re: Gloves?!

    You could look at Military Aviator / Armored Crew Nomex Gloves (Just search nomex gloves)
    Originally designed for fire/flare-up protection they offer some warmth and are designed to allow you to still feel small textures. example: Control panels in Tanks and Helicopters.

    Just another option.
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    Re: Gloves?!

    I use the thin wind proof outdoor cloves sold at EMS,, also from the fishing supplier,, I use the nice wool gloves with the finger cut offs, I shoot a lot of outdoor shots, and most of the time, the thin leather or windproof gloves work best allowing me to change the controls (I shoot manual), and still keep the frostbite away..

    I do have the mittens too with the breakaway tops, but these are too clumsy for me personally.

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    Re: Gloves?!

    I use "mechanic's" gloves they are form fitting & comfortable. I use them most of the time on account of the acid content in my body -seems to unglue the rubber grips. since I started using these gloves hasn't been a problem anymore.
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    Re: Gloves?!

    I use a similar pair of mechanic's gloves from Costco with a pair of nitrile gloves inside that give me double insulation. They also work on my phone's touch screen.
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    Re: Gloves?!

    wool fingerless work for me.
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