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Yeah, the Brittanic and Olympic were retrofitted after Titanic sank with a double hull around the engine and boiler rooms and 6 out of the 15 water tight compartments were raised from E to B deck. Cranes were also added to move added life boats around.

Kind of crazy that they converted all those ships into aircraft carriers.
Not really when you realize that Britain needed carriers to survive, that's why after the 50 destroyer swap they asked for as many "Jeep Carriers" as we could build & send. There were almost as many of these carriers as there were destroyers. After the Avenger did so well we gave them a slew of them & they did even better than the destroyers at sinking subs. They provided air cover over the convoys & countless other missions.
I also had the British Navy in WW II as well as the German/Japanese navies I never was able to get the French Navy as by that time Married with children took preference over all else but I was able to buy my first Nikon FE.!!!

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