Since this is the Off Topic forum for non-photography related discussions, here is a magical event that happens once each year. Many years ago Reader's Digest listed the Pennsbury Prom as being the Best Prom in America. It's held at the school each year, and it takes a village to make it happen. During evenings of the school year, parents and other adults work on elaborate murals that decorate the walls. Prom is held on a Saturday evening so they literally only have from the time school let's out on Friday to get everything set up.

Usually they offer a walk-through for the public on Saturday starting around noon until 3pm. But due to the pandemic, they decided to offer a virtual walk though instead. This year's theme was Hollywood Nights. Pauly D (a DJ) once again came and filled the school with music. Usually they secure some famous person to make an appearance, but it's always kept a secret.

There's even a book written about this school's Prom titled, 'Wonderland: A Year in the Life of an American High School.'

Prior to the Prom starting, many of the students arrive by riding in a Prom Parade which is also an elaborate event where people stake out their seats a day ahead. Unfortunately I don't have a video of the parade.

But here is the virtual walk through of the building. Please sit back and enjoy the view of Hollywood Nights.

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