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    Re: Just got this message on my flickr mail

    Some people just troll to be horrible. Take no notice. You’re a great photographer, keep it up!

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    Re: Just got this message on my flickr mail

    Quote Originally Posted by Nero View Post
    The internet is full of trolls. He's clearly one of them and therefore he's not worth your time. Especially when that one image you've posted here is probably better than anything he's ever shot.

    He should watch this YouTube clip...……….

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    Re: Just got this message on my flickr mail

    Quote Originally Posted by mikew View Post
    Thanks, the trouble is i am on the downhill slide for various reasons but people like him will not stop me, i did look at his flickr page before blocking him, and i will say no more on that.

    The Z 50 is causing problems i need to overcome and i think i will, just not had the light to practice in.

    Got the subject and light for a short while this morning but this is a heavy crop.

    DSC_0781 by electric.mike, on Flickr
    Wow Mike! I wish my phone could do that.

    Justa kidding you friend.....
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    Re: Just got this message on my flickr mail

    No, they do not look like iPhone pics. He deserved a good blocking.
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    Re: Just got this message on my flickr mail

    I am so sorry to see that @mike. I have to say I have seen some of the meanest comments regarding Z output. Seems to be from owners of another mirrorless camera manufacturer. Childish comments just add nothing.

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