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    Re: Post your latest purchases.

    Post your latest purchases.
    After getting the 200-500 lens, I discovered my current camera bag was not going to cut it. The Pup has had this backpack bag in a different color for a while and has been happy with it. I decided to try one and see how it goes. Price was pretty good, and quality seems good.

    Post your latest purchases.-81unjlbgbnl._ac_sl1500_.jpg

    The only down side is the top compartment does not have any dividers or padding. I planned to put the 200-500 in the bottom compartment, along with the D3400 and it's two lenses. Then put the Z5 with the 24-70 in the top, for easy access. I have plenty of dividers left over from the bottom compartment, but the top has no velcro attachments on the sides to secure them. Not sure if the padding is really necessary, but would feel better if the camera was better protected, and could not move around. I think I will see if some of the padding from my old bag will fit in there. I discovered that all my equipment is way too heavy to keep in a traditional bag. I really need the backpack style to haul this stuff around.

    I was also hoping to be able to attach my tripod to the backpack, but it's just too big and heavy. Guess I'll just have to schlep it in hand, or maybe rig a separate carry strap for it. I used to have a carry strap for it a couple decades ago. Fortunately, the IBIS and VR on the new lens is good enough I may not need a tripod as often as I did with my D3400 rig.

    I know I could have gotten a backpack that suited my needs a little closer, but everything that was a little better was a good bit more $, and right now I've spent WAY too much on camera gear this year.

    Edited to add: I started thinking about swapping the padding from my old bag when making this post. I just went and pulled it out and it fits quite well into the top compartment. My Z5 and lens fits well in it, and I now have space for another two lenses in the top, with easy access. This makes the bag much more usable for me.

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    Re: Post your latest purchases.

    Nice pickup! Looks like a good bag for your gear.
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    Re: Post your latest purchases.

    Post your latest purchases.
    I'm really interested in trying composites so I purchased this reversible Chroma Green/Blue background that's on sale through today. I only purchased the background, but they also have a kit which includes a stand and a clamp (both of which I already own).


    Post your latest purchases.-1585912039_1148749.jpg
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