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    Hello all,

    It is my second bite at this apple. Purchased my DSLR, signed up and got side tracked, a few years ago. Coming back, remembering this forum having good solid information. Where a hobbyist can learn, get truthful comments with regards to various photo products.

    Nikon, speaks for itself and a fine product. Buying characteristics stay with the OEM, and match the hardware.

    Intent is to read, understand, try different techniques. That will produce sharper photos. Nikon photos when shot correctly. Are as good as standing there looking at the object.


    › See More: Landed
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    Re: Landed

    Welcome to the forum

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    Re: Landed

    Welcome again!

    Guidelines to adding a photo to your post.

    1. Resize photo to 1000px on the long side.
    2. Resolution set to 72ppi (Pixels Per Inch)

    These guidelines will be good for viewing on a computer but will not be good for printing. This will help safeguard your copyright.
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    Re: Landed

    Quote Originally Posted by RapidRed View Post
    remembering this forum having good solid information. Where a hobbyist can learn, get truthful comments with regards to various photo products.
    Pep, AGREED! Welcome to the forum! I just joined a few weeks ago myself, and am really enjoying myself going thru the old posts and trying to pick up as much as I can. Looking forward to seeing your posts.

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    Re: Landed

    Quote Originally Posted by Marilynne View Post
    Guidelines to adding a photo to your post. ...
    Thanks for these notes Marilynne. I don't think often enough about photo piracy and will experiment with these on my next post.
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    Re: Landed

    Welcome Pep! Feel free to contribute to the conversations and share your pictures!

    If you see this, this is my express permission to critique my signatures and photos!

    Primary D5300 Other Nikon Bodies D5100 D3000 D90 D100 D70 D60 Parts Bodies D80 D100 D3000
    AF-S 18-55; AF-S 55-200; AF NIKKOR 70-300; AF-P 70-300 Sigma 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 APO DG OS HSM
    Non Nikon Cameras worth a crap and worth mention: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Front 8MP f1.7 Rear 12MP f1.5 & f2.4
    Paintshop Pro 2020 newb

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    Re: Landed

    Welcome back aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.
    Brent: Poway, CA
    D7200, D200, F100
    Tokina 12-24mm
    Nikon 18-200mm
    Tokina 28-70mm f2.6-2.8
    Nikon 80-200mm f2.8
    Sigma 150-600mm
    Nikon 50 AF f1.8
    Tokina 100mm f2.8 Macro
    Nikon SB800

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    Re: Landed

    Welcome Back!

    "The natural man must know in order to believe; The spiritual man must believe in order to know. " ~ Aiden Wilson Tozer ~ "The Dwelling Place of God"

    Nikon Z 6 Nikon, Nikkor Z 50 mm f/1.8S, Z 85 f/1.8S, Z24-70 f/4S, Z14--30 f/4S
    Nikon D700 w/Grip, AF-S Nikkor 200-500 mm f/5.6E ED VR, Tamron 28-75, Tamron 70-200 F/2.8


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    Re: Landed

    Pep! I worked with a guy back in the early 70’s whose name was George, but everyone called him Pep because he liked pepper on EVERYTHING! Would yours be a similar reason?

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    Re: Landed

    Lol, Andy

    No Pep, the first 3 letters of my last name.

    Thanks all for the warm welcome, beers on me .

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