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    Re: Greetings from the Pittsburgh area

    Quote Originally Posted by Needa View Post

    At this point in time you should seriously consider Z mirrorless. If you buy into F mount glass and in the future they stop making DLSRs you will be stuck using adapters. Do a comparison the Z5 to the D750. It has dual SD card slots and a battery grip is available, just not a true vertical grip it has not controls. Good luck with your photography whatever you choose.
    Please see above post the R6 runs circles around the Z5 so if I was to go mirrorless I would go with Canon

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    Re: Greetings from the Pittsburgh area

    .so sorry @DevPreach I guess I overlooked that. It will not happen again.
    Thanks/Like Sandpatch Thanks/liked this post

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    Re: Greetings from the Pittsburgh area

    Quote Originally Posted by DevPreach View Post
    Well considering that I do have limited finances I am trying to narrow it down from the following Nikon models. The D610 or D750 because these will allow me to get 3-4 lenses, battery grip, spare batteries, and the SD cards are relatively cheap compared to cfexpress and qxd cards. I have tossed around the idea of the Canon R6 or the Sony A7 III but I just am not quite sold on their specs. I know these cameras are old models and old technology but their specs fit my financial requirements and are still quite capable of delivering the kinds of things I want. I’m primarily looking for a camera that will be a good jack of all trades type camera. Something that would be decent for taking pics at the Pittsburgh Zoo, doing some family portraits, taking pics at my nieces and nephews various sporting events, and a camera that would be great to take on vacation. I definitely want full frame and dual card slots for redundancy. Any thoughts or ideas on my choices or things I should consider?


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    Welcome. A D750 would certainly check all the boxes in your list of requirements and the type of photography you've described. Since you note that finances are limited, you might consider a renewed/refurbished body. NikonUSA has renewed D750s as do some other sources. I make this suggestion on the basis on my own purchasing experience of renewed bodies (D5600, D7500, and D750). All had low shutter counts (less than 2,000) and each has performed flawlessly.
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    Re: Greetings from the Pittsburgh area

    How serious are you going to be, photography wise? If you are really serious and plan to stay with it for a while, I'll say to go with a more recent offering and shell out the bones for an XQD card or CFExpress card slotted camera. With what you've listed as your purchase goals, an XQD form-factor card shouldn't be beyond your means.

    If you're not going to be printing very large shots, and really want to save money on your camera body, I'll say go backward from the cameras you listed to the D700, when you can find one used in excellent shape or better. I've got one and it is a great camera, even though it doesn't have the specs of the latest cameras. They are typically very durable, and can be purchased for less than $500 US. I have one and don't see me ever getting rid of it untill it's non-functioning and I can't get it fixed!

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    Re: Greetings from the Pittsburgh area

    hello and welcome
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