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    New member needs some advice

    Hi everyone, I have a Nikon D3400 I love my camera very much and have taken some amazing pictures with it. The advice I need is, Iím going to Norway on Thursday what would be the best settings to;
    A) take photos in the snow
    B) take photos of the Northern Lights )fingers crossed!!)
    Thank you 😊

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    Re: New member needs some advice


    Hopefully some will come along with some answers for you.

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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Welcome to the forum. I cannot help, but I am sure you someone will.

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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Emma welcome!

    What mode do you normally shoot in manual, auto or something in between. For snow, shooters that use the auto mode might see if there is a beach/snow mode under your scenes settings. If you are shooting PSMA mode remember in daylight the cameras meter will try to under expose the scene if it consists mainly of snow.

    As for the northern lights maybe some else can offer you some advice.

    You may want to look up some tips on cold weather shooting if you are not familiar. Carry a large zip-lock bag to put your camera in after you are finished and before you bring it back inside. This will help keep moisture from condensing in side the camera and lens. You should keep them in the bag until it reaches inside temperature.

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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Welcome to the forum


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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Emma View Post
    ... what would be the best settings to ...

    A) take photos in the snow
    The whole article is worth reading but pay *particular attention* to the section labeled, "No Gray on a Sunny Day" and everything that follows...

    Tips for Shooting in the Snow
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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Welcome aboard. Enjoy the ride.
    We look forward to seeing more posts and samples of your work.

    Do a GOOGLE search for:
    how to photograph northern lights
    how to photograph snow scenes

    I will get more suggestions than you can use.
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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Re: New member needs some advice

    Welcome to our Forum,

    For snow, just use the beach or snow mode as someone else mentionned. For Northern Lights, what you will need is a good tripod. Don't even attempt to do it without a tripod. Use the shutter delay mode so the camera is completely still when the shutter opens.
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