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    Re: Newbie Here


    Come join us for the annual meet & greet in Lakeland FL Feb 21 & 22.

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    Re: Newbie Here

    Welcome, I started at 58 when I was disabled with some health issues. I started with a D3200. It takes time, but that is half the fun. Good people here that will help.

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    Re: Newbie Here


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    Re: Newbie Here

    Thank you Brent. Much appreciated.

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    Re: Newbie Here

    Thanks Marilynne!
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    Re: Newbie Here

    Awesome Dan and thanks! I will need all the encouragement possible!
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    Re: Newbie Here

    Thanks - much appreciated!

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    Re: Newbie Here

    To answer your question - your camera's autofocus may be set to _not_ allow the scene to be recorded if it does not achieve a focus lock. If that's what's happening it's buried in your menu system.
    Overall I say
    1 - take lots of pictures, good exposures, bad whatever. This is to get to where you can pickup the Nikon and shoot without having to reason out every little thing.
    2 review the images and try to understand why you are not happy with the results.
    3 exposure - used to be film had a measurable sensitivity rating, ASA (if you go back far enough, I do) or ISO. Now we are not working with film but photons and electronics. Digital Cameras have a "base" (weasel word) sensitivity and everything else is an Amplification on that. And, if you amplify an electronic signal you produce "noise", a generally undesireable product.
    4 A "good" exposure is what _you_ say it is.
    5 Histograms are your friend, learn them, love them, be them.
    Happy snapping.

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    Re: Newbie Here


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    Re: Newbie Here

    I was going to say same thing. Focus and exposure. Also, some cameras have a setting that won't let you shoot if there is no card in the slot. Usually, when my camera won't fire, it is because my exposure is too low.

    Welcome to Nikonites.

    I you want to "focus" (ha ha) your shooting, you could use a 52 project list and pick a subject or technique each week just to give you a goal. Or you can look at the threads on here for inspiration. Sometimes you see something cool, and it will be a new technique to try.

    It is important to learn the basics of exposure, but if you don't shoot, you won't ever get to where you want to be. I finally figured that out. I was busy reading and not shooting. I improved when I started shooting and posting images. I got lots of feedback and still do.

    Start an image thread, you will be surprised at how much you will improve with some suggestions from the group. Good luck.
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