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    Z7: power on/of or standby?


    What's the best thing to do, shut the power of and start again when needed...
    or set a short standby time, let your camera go standby and wake it up when needed?

    Which method is the fastest and which is the best for your battery life?

    Ad B

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    Re: Z7: power on/of or standby?

    No one dares to answer...???

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    Re: Z7: power on/of or standby?

    Not enough Z7s, with my 1 series on wildlife i kept it switched on while out and took spare batteries,possibly depends on how quickly you want it ready.


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    Re: Z7: power on/of or standby?


    Hu...? Not enough Z7s?
    I asked around a bit... at a Dutch forum and a German forum...
    We came to the conclusion, there isn't much difference... if there is...
    So during use, I'll let it go in standby.
    If I don't use my Z7, I switch it off.

    At first I had the time set before it goes standby too long.
    Then I had it too short (10 sec.)... Now it goes after 30 seconds in standby mode.
    I use the EVF like I did the OVF with my D850.
    I always use the EVF and check my picture for a few seconds at the screen.
    I have left 2 options in my menu. 1: Using EVF and check on screen and 2: Screen only.
    The first few battery loads where gone quite quickly...
    2 imitation batteries died with about 100 clicks each and playing quite a bit in the menus...
    The last load, with the original battery in my cam, 100 clicks with 70% battery left.
    I'm still learning... how to work with this mirrorless camera.
    I am quite a heavy user for batteries... I'm not someone who makes many, many pics with one battery load.
    With my D850 I mostly did only about 600 clicks... so about 300 with the Z7 isn't that bad for me.

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    Re: Z7: power on/of or standby?

    How is that EVF when taking strongly back lit shots like sunrises and sunsets?

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    Re: Z7: power on/of or standby?


    haven't done sunset yet... Sunrise is to early for me...
    I think it doesn't differ much with OVF.

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