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    New Camera Setup Purchase

    I have been using a Nikon D7200 paired with the Nikon AF-S 80-400MM F/4.5-5.6G ED VR for a few years and have had good results. Sadly (this is the short version of the story) it got dropped and now the LCD screen is mega bright and cannot be adjusted. I can see the menus barely when holding the camera on an angle but its mega bright all the time. My guess its the end of the road for this setup so looking forward as I age and find the setup somewhat hard to use from time to time is their a good solid all around long zoom point and shoot they I could get for bird photography. If this is not an option any suggestions on a body either FX or DX, from what I have read DX is the preferred one for birding. As for lenses there is plenty to choose from so this should't be an issue. The other reason I considered going back to a point and shoot long zoom is this is what I started with years ago with a Panasonic model and it did pretty darn good. Opinions and suggestions are most welcome. Reading reviews online seems pointless as one will say the love the camera the other will stay something different for specific models, so getting advice from actual photographers is the best route. Also regarding reviews many have the option of purchasing the camera via a link, my guess is they are making some money for doing the review and putting up the retailers link?

    I did some test shots, oddly the camera still focus and take a picture.

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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    I have a couple of friends using the Nikon Coolpix P1000.
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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    Sorry for you problem. Frankly, I would begin searching for a good, used D7200, or check into how much it would cost to fix your D7200.

    OH! By the way, I have not received my posting credits recently except when I post a message like this. Oh well, what else can I do!

    Boy, that was quick. I'm assuming I got my missed credits filled now. Sure wish we got credits like we did in the past!
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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    Depending on what you want to spend, I think a used D7200 or D500 would be the best bet. The Mega zoom point and shoots aren't going to come close to matching the quality of your 80-400mm lens. Both the D7200 and D500 are great camera bodies for your bird photography.
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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    I think you will find many bird photographers will suggest the D500, which is a brilliant camera. However you mentioned you are sometimes struggling with your current set up, therefore I'm not sure if a D500 would help you.
    The Coolpix range certainly seem to be well liked and have some great zoom capabilities and might be more what you are looking for.
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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    €‹€‹€‹€‹€€‹---send the camera for repair---i tried a long zoom
    point and shoot, i was not happy---stay with the dslr---
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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    "as I age and find the setup somewhat hard to use from time to time" To be clear this was a comment related the total weight of the setup with the lense on. I would not want to go heavier as I carry it on a chest vest cotton carrier. I am open to an upgrade so it seems the D500 is worth considering based on the comments here and by others on flickr.

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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    I could still do this in the meantime and get a quote anyway, worst case is I get it fixed and keep it for a backup body for travel.

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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    Another vote for the D500 since you already have the 80-400.

    If it were me, and really wanted to stick with Dx, I'd get a z50, sell the 80-400 (or use the adapter) and get the new 100-400 s lens (lighter and sharper than the 80-400). I don't get into all the autofocus babble about different cameras, they are all better than the last camera I owned. Some great BIF pics in the Z50 forum on this site.
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    Re: New Camera Setup Purchase

    Was it just the D7200 that sustained damage? The lens is okay?

    I have the 80-400mm G version paired with a D500. The sensor of the D500 is a tad better than the D7200 although the sensor is slightly smaller, and the AF is definitely an improvement on the D500 - both with speed and more focus points, plus the improved buffer is great. BUT the D7200 is also an excellent body if you decide to get another one.

    I too wish I could hold something heavier. That would allow me to move to a longer lens. Unfortunately when I rented a Nikon 200-500mm, it was simply too difficult to hold steady. And I'm not one to carry a tripod with me everywhere. I also have a D750 but wouldn't be satisfied pairing it with the 80-400mm. Even though I have a 1.4x TC, the lens loses one stop when paired with the 80-400mm. So I wouldn't be happy using the 80-400mm with an FX body. But either a D500 or another D7200 would serve you well.
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