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    Re: My Dream Job!

    My Dream Job!
    Quote Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
    Attachment 355950

    Attachment 355951

    Couple shots from today at the "office".
    That is an office to die for

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    Re: My Dream Job!

    Many congratulations! Thatís a wonderful job. Enjoy!
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    Re: My Dream Job!

    They are already posting your images. That is terrific. I love the bird on the rabbit's back on Instagram.
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    Re: My Dream Job!

    Your photos are beautiful!
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    Re: My Dream Job!

    My Dream Job!
    My Dream Job!-dsc_1871.jpg

    My Dream Job!-dsc_1924.jpg

    My Dream Job!-dsc_1959.jpg

    The sea is full of life all around The Sanctuary at San Basilio.
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